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Rajeev Mehra
The Lighthouse Wellness Studio

Rajeev is a Holistic Well-being Counselor, a Happiness Mentor and a Consciousness Educator who has committed himself to guide people to attain Multi-dimensional Prosperity and Happiness through higher levels of Energy and Consciousness.


He started his career in the Merchant Navy and sailed the high seas over a period of 18 years. Subsequently, he settled ashore into the corporate world until 2016 when he realised his next calling of sharing his understanding of Spirituality and Happiness.


Rajeev has developed various Life enhancing Programs including the ‘7 Dimensional Happiness Program’ for adults, the’ Young Lights Program’ for children and the 'Corporate Happiness Program' for organisations.


He shares, through these programs, his insights on how to live joyfully and attain happiness through Awareness Development.


Under the guidance of his mentor, Dr. Premji Nirmal, Rajeev has also specialised in Sound Meditation and Wisdom Healing techniques that he uses to alleviate mental, emotional and Karmic issues of his mentees.

Anu Mehra
The Lighthouse Wellness Studio

Anu is a certified Counsellor and has committed herself to guide those in need of personal, relationship and parental counselling. 

Having completed her BSc. in Home Science, she embarked on a career of teaching Kindergarten students in a reputed school in Mumbai.

Subsequent to her marriage, she consciously chose to be a homemaker and as a parent learnt the nuances of Happy Parenting.

Her quest for spiritual knowledge was instrumental in bringing her and Rajeev onto the path of Self-Realization and Liberation.

Along with Rajeev, she facilitates Happiness Programs as part of her Life Mission of spreading Joy, Love and Happiness.

“To provide our members holistic
Breath-work, Meditation and Learning
Programs that will enhance their Energy
and Awareness levels resulting in the
healing of their physical and subtle
bodies and leading to multi-dimensional
Abundance, Prosperity and Happiness.”

Our Mission

Dr. Premji Nirmal
Bharati Nirmal

Dr. Premji Nirmal is a Holistic Counsellor, Human Trainer, Kriya Yogi, Scientific Mystic and Enlightenment Educationist.

Lovingly known as Guruji by his friends and spiritual seekers, he has personally contributed to the lives of thousands of people worldwide through his talks, seminars, workshops and spiritual retreats. He is a visionary Kriya Yogi who promotes humanitarian and spiritual values through Kriya Yoga teachings.


His greatest contribution to the world is in the form of 49 Healing Breaths Nirmal Kriya and 6-Step Nirmal Dhyan, a combination, which is immensely useful in improving seven dimensional well-being of humanity.

Guruji, along with his wife Guruma Bharati Nirmal is helping seekers worldwide to practice “Household Spirituality” through various programs including Kriya Yoga and Prosperity Yoga. They give talks, conduct seminars, workshops and retreats in various countries for “Total Transformation” of human beings. Read More...


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