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Marble Surface

"I could introspect and understand myself better, bringing to light things I hadn't realised about myself.

A. Mehta

Marble Surface

"It made it easy for me to figure out what my true interest is and how I can make what I love also a business prospect."

N. Grover

Marble Surface

"It helps you to reflect and find out your habits and unwanted patterns which might be stopping you from living your life to it's full potential."

D. Nandwana

Marble Surface

It makes you realize how you are as important as anyone else and how you could actually make a difference in the world by living your Ikigai.

U. Grover

I did take up the course with the mindset of finding answers about my career but I just learnt so much more about things around me. It was thought provoking. It makes sure you have a better understanding about yourself in all the dimensions of life, like an overall development. I understood how to use my personality to my greatest advantage. It made me realize why people behave a certain way and accept them for who they are.

I had some clarity about what I wanted in life but this course made me more confident and gave me direction. It made it easy for me to figure out what my true interest is and how I can make what I love also a business prospect. I’m glad I know my life purpose because everything I do is with an aim now. Lastly, my most important and eye opening realization was that attachment is the opposite of love. It changed the way I look at things. 

I recommend the IKIGAI course to everyone, no matter what age or stage they are in life. Even if you already know your life purpose, you will get a different learning out of this course.

Nishka Grover

3rd year UG student


For as long as I can remember, I've been conflicted over my career choices and whether or not I'll be happy and content doing what I've chosen to do all my life. I was always uncertain about what I should do, and believed it'll just come to me instead of actively seeking the same.

The Ikigai course is exactly what I'd been looking for all these years. A course that does not just put on paper the numerous career options you have based on your aptitude, but actually understands who you are as a person, and guides you to realizing your purpose and deciding your career path, keeping in mind your strengths, shortcomings, fears and traits.

With Rajeev sir's guidance, I could introspect and understand myself better, bringing to light things I hadn't realized about myself. It made me more self-aware, compassionate and added more perspective to how I see things. It guided me to reach several career options that I would truly be happy doing, while also being able to sustain myself. And what I was truly amazed by is that all these answers were always within myself, and all I needed was someone who could walk me through and help me reach those answers without directly providing them to me, which is precisely what Rajeev sir did.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who ever questions what they're doing or what they plan on doing, or feels a sort of emptiness or conflict in their daily life, because it provides assurance that your choices are in line with your purpose and personality. It makes you realise what you will truly find fulfilling, and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction, calm and peace in the choices you've made.

Aneri Mehta


The F.Y.I WORKSHOP has really motivated me and helped me in knowing the purpose of my life.

Like most of the college-going students, I was totally confused about what I’m going to do and what if the course that I’m studying right now doesn’t help me in the future. I had a huge list of confusions about what life option I should pick for myself.

In this whole confusion and mess, I got to know about this workshop from my elder sister who herself had attended it and she told me ‘Your age is perfect for this workshop, even I wish I had done it a little earlier, but its never too late, you should try it.’

So without giving it a second thought I went ahead and registered for this course. And trust me when I’m say that with each session I have learned so much. And it was totally worth the time.

The program involved personalised sessions and that really helped me to get to know about myself. It made me think of myself the way I have never thought of before. Initially, I was hesitant to talk about my interests, likes and dislikes but Rajeev Sir made it super easy and comfortable. He was very patient and supportive throughout the sessions. This  has definitely helped me to build my confidence.

After the course, I know myself much better, I know about my qualities and areas to improve.  I have found my IKIGAI and ways to work on it.

I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who is stuck with what to do and how to be happy in their work.

Khushi Patodia



When I first heard about the Ikigai course, I felt that I don't really need to do it since I am already doing what I love in life and have found my Ikigai. Nevertheless, I decided to enrol and realized that it has so much more to offer than just the concept of Ikigai!

Apart from finding your Ikigai, this course helps you to introspect. It helps you to reflect and find out your habits and unwanted patterns which might be stopping you from living your life to it's full potential. Also, the presence of a Guru to guide you all along makes the process easier.

What I loved most about this course is the way the course has been designed by Rajeev sir. It is very structured and through introspection and the use of Excel models, you will be elated when you see the outcome of this course.

I cannot thank Rajeev sir enough for this beautiful course. I would recommend each and every person to do this irrespective of which phase of life you are in. Even for people who have found their Ikigai, it gives you a good sense of assurance that you are on the right path.

Divya Nandwana

Business Owner


The Ikigai course gives you clarity and purpose, and helps you direct all your energy towards everything that is necessary.

It makes you self-reflect and helps you identify your negative and positive patterns. You come out of this course knowing yourself so much better than you used to.

It makes you realise how you are as important as anyone else , and how you could actually make a difference in the world by following your Ikigai.

This course is such a powerful tool, it give your life direction and makes you self - aware, while Rajeev Mehra plays the perfect guide during your process of self discovery.

I recommend everybody of all ages to do this course, it’s never too early or too late to find your Ikigai!

Upasna Grover



I, like most people of my age, was always conflicted on how to find something that I’m good at and what I can do the whole day without feeling tired. As I believe that unless you’re working with that feeling, passion or craze, you cannot be the best at what you are doing and you will never get your desired result in life.

I heard about the Ikigai course from my friend & I knew right from that moment that this is exactly what I needed. I needed a guru who could help me understand myself better, help me introspect so that I can get answers to my conflicts. And the course gave me exactly that clarity and more.

It gave me a better understanding of myself as a person, my talents, my qualities, and my flaws which were stopping me from living my ikigai.

It was surreal how at each step of the process I was able to understand myself better. It was surreal how towards the end of the session, the answers were automatically coming to me and how I felt a sense of calm and happiness within. It was surreal to understand that the answers were always within me, all I needed was someone who had the patience to handhold me through the process and support me. It was surreal to find the core of all my issues which existed in my daily life and its solution.

This course is a stepping stone to giving yourself the freedom to experience, feel and live happiness in every moment of your life. 

I’m extremely thankful to my friend to have introduced me to this concept and this course.

There was only one thing I complained about at the end of the course, “ I wish this too was a part of our curriculum in college.” But as Rajeev sir says, "It’s never too late to learn." I would recommend each and everyone of all ages to do this course for a happier life.

Aastha Patodia

Business Owner


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