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KK Yoga




Yoga means 'Union'. It is the union of the Individual Consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. In essence, it is the integration of all our energies to create a seven-dimensional holistically healthy system. One of the fastest means to achieve this state is Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga was revived for the modern man by immortal yogi of Himalayas, Shree Mahaavtaar Babaji. After being gifted the knowledge of Kriya Yoga directly from from Babaji, Guruji Prem Nirmal - with his engineering and scientific background - developed this knowledge into an easy scientific system which can be practiced by householders on a daily basis.

It is a system which at the gross level starts with breathing. Through the breath one experences the subtle level of. Prana. Through the prana, one goes to the subtler levels of Kundalini. Further to that, one reaches levels of Higher Consciousness through meditating.

And it is at this level of consciousness that you can heal yourself from physical problems, negative emotions and thoughts and your self-defeating patterns. By Integrating all your energies, you can realize your highest human potential.



Around eighty percent of the Energy that we require to sustain ourselves is obtained through our breath. Yet, most of us are hardly aware of our breathing patterns. Our emotions influence our breathing patterns - unwanted thoughts and emotions  make our breathing fast and shallow. Incorrect breathing patterns lead to a depletion of Life Force reaching the various organs of the body and are a major cause of Psychosomatic Diseases.

Shakti Sadhana is the practice of powerful breathing exercises that will raise your Energy to levels where you will  live your day with drive and enthusiasm.

Correct your breathing pattern to align with the Universal Breathing
Cleanse emotional remnants and blockages from past expreiences
Increase your Energy and Awareness to help heal Psychosomatic and Degenerative diseases





Mindfulness is the moment to moment awareness of what you are experiencing, without judgment or expectation.

Every thought of the past or the future and its associated emotions drains away our energy. Mindfulness is the solution to preserve our energy levels.


Benefits of Mindfulness:

  • Learning Ability enhances drastically

  • Memory Power increases

  • Helps maintain positive attitude towards Life

  • Personal Effectiveness enhances

  • Quality and Productivity levels improve

  • Time Management is better taken care of with Awareness of the Moment

  • Wasteful Habits die a natural death


'Mind It' is a program designed to introduce children from the ages of 6 to 16 to Mindful Activities. The activities include Yoga exercises, breath-work and learning topics on Life Education.

Mind It




Everything in Life is vibrating at a certain Frequency. In terms of Energy and Vibrations, 'Like attracts Like'. We attract the Vibrations we emit. The Higher our Vibrations, the greater the Abundance and Prosperity we will attract.


The life enhancing ‘7-D Happiness’ program is designed to guide you to raise your Vibrations & Awareness to levels where you can overcome obstacles, naturally attract Abundance & Prosperity and succeed in Seven Key Dimensions of your life.


In this Program you will learn how to:

  • Realize Your Higher Self and connect to Divinity

  • Remove Negative Attitudes & Emotions

  • Have Peace of Mind & No Stress

  • Heal & Enjoy Loving Relationships

  • Attract Wealth You Need Naturally

  • Feel High Energy & Enthusiasm

  • Achieve Peak Performance

7D Happiness


Karmic Kompletion


"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction". This is the basis of the Law of Karma. It is only when we settle all our Karmic accounts can Liberation be a possibility.

Using our Free Will to do Spiritual Practice in the form of Awareness Development is the way to growing spiritually and settling our Accumulated Karmic Accounts

If Spiritual Practice in the form of Awareness Development is done sincerely and regularly then it is possible to overcome the entire Accumulated Account in this Lifetime itself.

The Karmic Kompletion program is designed to guide you to raise your Energy, Awareness and Understanding to levels where you can liberate yourself from any forms of mental and emotional suffering.

Karmic Kompletion




The Young Lights Program is designed to provide Value Education for the Holistic Development of children. It will also unfold their hidden capabilities through Super Sensory Development.


The uniqueness of the Program lies in the use of techniques including Yoga, Meditation and Vibrations from Divine Sounds.

The Highlights of the Program include:

  • Value Education & Joyful Living

  • Fear Removal & Confidence Building

  • Communication & Self Expression

  • Concentration & Memory Power

  • Positive Attitudes

  • EQ Enhancement

  • Food, Nutrition & Money Education

  • Time Management

  • Whole Brain Training

  • Super Sensory Development

  • Intuition Development

  • Yoga

Young Lights




Each part of our Being is meant to vibrate at a Healthy Frequency. Unwanted thoughts, emotions and actions lower our vibrations to below the Healthy Frequency resulting in Disease.


Sound has been proved to be an excellent tool to silence the Mind and take one into a meditative state. Amazing healing happens in the state of Meditative Silence. The use of vibrations from divine sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tuned Healing Pipes of Specific Frequencies has helped transform many lives by resolving physical, mental, emotional and karmic issues.


We provide Sound Meditation Therapy for:

  • Energy Balancing (Chakra Balancing)

  • Stress Removal | Sleep Disorders | Depression

  • Fear Removal & Confidence Building (Navel Activation)

  • Removal of Self-Sabotaging Patterns

  • Pain Relief | Migraine | Frozen Shoulder | Spondylosis | Knee Pain |Arthritis

  • De-addiction

  • Various other conditions and illnesses





Every human Being is here on Planet Earth to learn lessons. These lessons are learnt through situations that appear in Seven Key Dimensions of our Life - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relationships, Financial, Time and Spiritual


As part of the Learning process, Life situations lead us to experience various negative emotions such as Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Hatred, Fear, Grief and Anger. Existence has created these emotions so that we may eventually experience positive emotions. How will one know what is Love, if one has not experienced hatred or fear? Thus negative emotions have their own role to play on our journey of Learning. They are to be experienced and transcended.


The problem arises when we get comfortable with these negative emotions. Constantly attaching ourselves to these emotions keeps us in a perpetual state of Suffering. People who constantly harbor negative emotions suffer from an Inferiority Complex. They lack Confidence and they have very low Self-Esteem.


Because of their low vibrations caused by their negativity, they invite misery that resonates with their emotions. This then further reduces their Energy and Vibrations. It is imperative at this stage that help is sought from a Coach, Mentor, Guru or Counsellor.


Our “Karmic Completion Process” is designed help counselees to come out of the Suffering Zone and to live Life to their fullest potential.


Counselling Offered:

  • Personal Counselling

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Parental Counselling  





The benefits of having a personal coach have been well researched and documented. As an Happiness and Completion Mentor, Rajeev Mehra will guide you to:

  • Realize your Higher Self

  • Find Your Life Purpose

  • Actualize your True Potential

  • Identify your Blind Spots

  • Remove Negative Belief Systems

He will also guide you to being a Light onto yourself and help accelerate your success in the key dimensions of Life.

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