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7-Dimensional HAppiness program

I would highly recommend the 7- Dimensional Happiness course to anyone who is wanting to see that there is a better way to live, a happier more fulfilling and rewarding way of life. To me it was as easy as the switch of a button - an attitude shift - or so i thought on Day 1.


Everything looked brighter, every goal seemed achievable and an aura of positivity filled the space around me. However, we humans form bad habits which are not easy to get out of and we see ourselves falling back into the trap of patterns of negativity we have built over years. This is where the sincerity and the passion of the coach comes into play.


Rajeev Mehra is that coach who exudes a sense of calm, a positive energy and a passion to show people that it is possible to be in a state of higher consciousness and lead a more fulfilling life. I have immense gratitude for him for he has set me up on a very rewarding journey of Awareness and Gratitude.


Moreover, the course is designed in a very systematic way - each dimension is equally important and well covered to get a complete holistic appreciation of every aspect of life. More power to you Rajeev!! God Bless :)

Anita Dewan


If you have someone who can listen to you and hold space without judgement, you have a treasure. If you have someone who can speak from experience and guide you, you are fortunate. If you have someone who can hold your hand in the dark as you find the courage to walk again, you are blessed beyond words. Most of all, if you feel that you are in the shade of a tree that is powerful, giving and happy, you know that the grace of Gods above is pouring upon you.

I am fortunate and blessed to have been reborn in the shade of Lighthouse. The wisdom and love that has been shared by Anu and Rajeev are constant reminders to me that I have been graced by the presence of supreme consciousness.

Shilpi Chawla


"I just happened to find myself doing this course, almost as if it was destined 😊. I was going through something, which I now know to be a classic case of a midlife crisis… I had everything I could possibly want, but something was still missing.

This 7D course was highly recommended to me by a family member. It was the answer to what I was missing. The content is so simple and logical, yet so powerful and profound. It is a clever program designed by Rajeev, that anyone with willingness to learn can use to ensure happiness in all aspects of their life.

It puts you in the driving seat of your life - You are in charge of your Happiness and You can change your Destiny!"

R. B.


Thank you so much for these two wonderful days, enjoyed every moment; you are a very caring and intuitive host.

Also, immensely grateful that you both asked me to do this course. It helped put a lot of things in perspective and gave a structure to the vague, nebulous ideas that I carried in my head all this while, not to mention gave me a direction to walk in and a goal to work towards.

Would love to recommend this course to others who are ready and in need :) ❤🙏🏻

Ishpreet Kaur


I have known Rajeev and Anu since the last 5-6 years as friends. We met at building celebrations and in the elevators etc. They were always pleasant, calm, relaxed and had a feel-good factor about them. I have never seen them raise their voice or behave roughly with others. I felt they were awakened souls already. When they took this plunge of spiritual awakening and guiding people along the way, somehow, it didn’t surprise me.

I went through a difficult period of my life due to my daughter’s illness. But I recovered from it mentally. Rajeev and Anu used to ask me to come to The Lighthouse for a chat during the years following my daughter’s recovery. But, being a skeptic I always felt that spiritual help should come from within, healing should be an inside out factor rather than other way round. To be honest I felt that time will heal everything, all you need is patience.

The more I saw them, I felt they were transforming themselves and encouraging others to transform to a better way of thinking and living. So, one day I signed up for the 7-Dimensional Happiness Program facilitated by them.  I learnt a lot of life skills during the course which helped me to live an awakened life in day-to-day living.

These are my perceptions of the life enabling program:

To learn the ways of life from people who have a similar life like most of us (married with children and household demands etc.) is much easier, as you feel they understand your life. So, this couple was leading by example. Good genuine people trying to help society.

I felt comfortable with them, could trust them forever. Anu had this beautiful smile and a friendly way of putting me to ease and I could sense Rajeev’s larger consciousness from far. What took me by surprise was when Rajeev taught the different levels of consciousness and the beautiful interpretation of the physical, pranic, emotional, intellectual, cosmic etc. layers we possess. Being in medical profession, I had felt these domains of consciousness till the 4th layer - after that I thought there is only one layer which is spiritual. They explained various levels so well giving examples of Masters who had attained this.

I knew there is a karmic account of our past. I knew that the things we possess and the people who we come across and interact with in this life is “meant to be” - it is not a strange coincidence. What I didn’t know was how to close the karmic account!! This was taught very beautifully by Rajeev.

Somehow, when we talk about the past, I always thought it meant the years gone by or maybe a past life. What I learnt in their class was that the past is also the last minute which went by. So, carrying over of emotions /deeds from the past, which can be from one minute ago, will also prolong our karmic cycle.

Most important, something I had not learnt in any class of this nature was that financial security is important and should not be neglected. I also understood how not to get frustrated with people around you or things around you. As long as you have tried and learnt the lesson, you have done your karmic closure. Worrying about others not willing to accept, will only delay the closure.
I learnt about the Consciousness Funnel where feelings were related to frequencies. The frequencies were given a name - Lower the frequency, higher the negative emotions etc., This is probably one of the most beautiful concepts of feelings as subtle vibrations of energy which emanate from our body and mind. I learnt of the road map to transcend emotions and move up and up till you reach pure Consciousness.
They taught me various beautiful things. While meditating - I was guided how to observe the thoughts and slowly go into a thoughtless state. I was subsequently guided by Rajeev to “Observe the observer”. Instantly this led to a great feeling that you are a part of the Divine who is observing you. And after this Rajeev went even further to say “You are Divine”. This revelation in itself was new to me and broke all the barriers in the Universe inside me for that moment.

Dr. Shylasree


Words can’t express the positive transformation I have felt within me after attending the 7-D program. The “A” rule of happiness, which I follow, is being “Aware” in every moment. Bringing a positive change in my perspective, I have seen people and situations around me change magically :)


I really thank these two beautiful souls: Rajeev Sir and Anu Ma'am from the core of my heart for teaching me how to become an “Enlightened” soul :))

Monica Sadh


I came to the 7-D program with a clouded mind filled with unanswered questions. The seeking was always there inside but the direction was missing. After doing this program with Anu ma'am and Rajeev Sir, I could fit the missing pieces inside my puzzled mind. The path of household spirituality is an everyday learning and with the appropriate understanding, it becomes easier to blend in your immediate environment.


Over a period of almost a year now after doing this valuable program, I can proudly say that my anger and anxiety levels have reduced. I have learnt how to accept, forgive and move on. I am able to prioritize and use my time more efficiently. My expectation is only from myself and not from others. I can only fold my hands in gratitude towards my teachers and now I look forward to all the beautiful things the Universe has in store for me.

Mita Jindal


Hi. The 7-D program has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The program unfolds one's untapped wisdom & potential. It is not a magical potion, which takes away all the obstacles one is facing in life but the amazing thing is that it gives an insight on how to deal with issues - everyday issues about money, relationships, happiness, health, children etc. There are no shortcuts in life! That's exactly what this program is all about act now!

On a personal level, I've become a little more aware of things, the hidden patterns of life & the divine purpose behind them! It's helped me to become better at parenting; better in my relationships. It helps one to become aware of themselves.

Vidhi Baid


Both Rajeev Mehra and Anu Mehra carry abundance of energy which can be felt when one interacts with them. Their knowledge of this subject is apt. They are constant learners. Prior to the workshop, I had an idea about spirituality and used to review videos on YouTube; however, there were many unanswered questions.


7-D program touches all spheres of life of an individual and truly gives out a lot of information to contemplate. Your view of looking at things will definitely change after this program. I will be doing next series of programs in future for sure, as both are my enlightened Gurus.  Thanks for pulling me back to myself.

Anshul Kapoor


After attending the spirituality sessions facilitated by Rajeev and Anu, I have learnt and understood the true meaning of our existence.

The Program cleared my blockages and gave me a clearer understanding of 'life’s purpose'. I have stopped worrying about a lot of things in my life and I have developed a very positive attitude. I have learnt the importance of meditation and by practicing meditation, the emptiness in my life has been wiped out. I now feel really good about myself and feel the inner power within me to manifest my desires.

Truly an amazing workshop, everything and more than expected. I strongly encourage all to open their heart and mind to experience this workshop and find out more in depth of what life is all about.

Gaurav Sekhri


The 7-D program helped in reviewing things that we often forget during our mundane life. Thank you for bringing to our notice the unwanted patterns we follow in our lives. Thank you for letting us be the part of this knowing that we are familiar with but yet to understand. Realization is the endeavour. Thank you for helping me in this endeavour. Regards.

Silky Tyagi


I am truly grateful to Rajeev sir and Anu ma’am for bringing change in all dimensions of my and my family's life. My husband and I attended this program to get better understanding and more benefits out of it. It has changed our perspective towards life. They have helped us to live a stress free life full of positivity. We tend to forget the simple basic rules of life which thankfully are being reinforced by them. This is a must do program for any age if you wish to be happy and successful in life.

Riddhi Sharma


The course has helped me to move on with my life, the practice of the understanding/teaching allowed me to let go of the past. Now, I am open to life, for the experience it will provide, the fun I will have. This course is a foundation to all the spiritual books I have read and the courses I have attended. Definitely a turning point in my life. I say may this course happen to you. Thank you.



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