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The Organisation

What is an Organisation but the people who represent it? The success of the Organisation is determined by the success of its people, which in turn is measured by the qualitative productivity of each individual. The productivity of each individual is directly proportional to the state of Mind. Will an unhappy individual ever reach the desired levels of productivity?














Psychological Stress & Unhappiness

Psychological Stress is a much researched and proven reason for unhappiness and consequently a loss of productivity at the workplace. We live in a highly achievement-oriented world that requires the employee to be competitive and constantly performing at peak levels. Add to this, the ever-changing technological advances and we have a recipe for Stress. This is however, only a part of the story. A major part of Stress is caused due to personal     factors and these include:

  • A lack of enthusiasm and purpose

  • Unhealthy relationships

  • Financial Stress

  • Low Emotional Quotient

  • Unwarranted fears

  • Poor physical health













Absenteeism & Presenteeism

Stress eventually results in either Absenteeism or Presenteeism at the workplace, the cost of which can be substantial for the Organisation. While Absenteeism is well known, Presenteeism is the phenomenon of employees coming to work, yet not functioning up to their potential due to health problems or personal issues. It can reflect in a number of ways including low quality work, delayed completion of tasks and negativity at the workplace - all leading to a loss in productivity.

There are various Stress Management routines now available to us that can negate the effects of Stress. However, do we really need to first create Stress and then manage it? Is it not  better to prevent Stress in the first place?

The Corporate Happiness Program

The Program is designed to provide a solution to the employees of an Organisation on how to prevent Stress and achieve peak performance. Participants will be guided on how to raise their Energy and Awareness to levels where they will naturally attract multi-dimensional Prosperity and Happiness. Increased qualitative productivity and financial success of the Organisation will be a natural outcome of Happiness.


The Learning program includes Breathwork and Mindfulness as techniques to raise the Energy and Vibrations of the participants.


Benefits to Employees:

  • Understand one’s True Potential

  • Have Peace of Mind

  • Remove Negative Attitudes & Emotions

  • Heal & Enjoy Loving Relationships

  • Feel High Energy & Enthusiasm

  • Achieve Peak Performance without Stress

  • Attract Wealth through Abundance Attitudes


Benefits to Employers:

  • Positive Vibrations at the Workplace

  • Happy Employees and Customers

  • Enhanced Creativity

  • Improved Teamwork

  • Lower Absenteeism and Presenteeism

  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Increased Profits


Program Duration:

1 Day

For enquiries, connect with Rajeev Mehra @ +91 9819440484

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