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Are you connected to your Creator?

The very essence of our life, as revealed in the Scriptures, is Self Realization and subsequently Liberation from the cycle of Life and Death. Self Realization - realizing oneself as the ‘True Self’ or the ‘Soul’ - has two aspects, Intellectual Understanding and Experiential Understanding. Only the latter is considered as Vidya or True Knowledge. Hence, a Self-Realized person is one who has an Experiential Understanding of himself as the ‘Soul’. It is in this understanding that he connects to and unites with the Source of all creation. This union between the Individual and the Source is what we know as ‘Yoga’.

If the very purpose of Life is Self Realization, why is it that we do not endeavor to know and remain in that state? Why is it that we do not want to be connected to our Creator, that Universal Consciousness and Intelligence that has designed and created the Human Being and the entire Creation?

This is where the role of the Ego Mind comes to the fore. When the True Self awakens, the Ego Mind is put to rest. The Ego Mind or the Pseudo Self will make any excuse to prevent the loss of its false Identity. Let us reflect on some of the many excuses made by the Ego Mind that prevent us from learning and realizing our True Self and from accomplishing the very purpose of Life.

"I have no time for learning"

Isn’t ‘I have no time’ one of the greatest lies? Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Don’t we all make time for what we have to do? Why is attaining the highest potential not very high on our Priority List? Spare some time to reflect!

"The place of learning is far"

Many people do not learn because the place of learning is apparently far for their convenience. We will travel to any lengths for work or to entertain ourselves or to drop our children to any place of learning or entertainment. Why is it then, that we hesitate to travel to a place where we learn about our Self? Why does this excuse crop up when it comes to our own learning and growth? Spare some time to reflect!

"The learning is too expensive"

How much money do we spend on education, travel, entertainment and on everything materialistic? Compare these expenses to how much we spend on learning how to reach our highest potential. Many parents believe that once their children are born, their learning days are over. However, doesn’t the very existence of life indicate that there is something to be learnt - right till the last breath? No one ever became successful without learning. Then, why is it that we are hesitant to spend money on learning? Spare some time to reflect!

"I will learn when I have Peace of Mind"

Peace of Mind is a natural symptom of Self Realization. The root cause of all upheavals in the Mind is ignorance about our true nature. Should we not then learn to live life true to our nature? Spare some time to reflect!

"I do not need a Guru"

A Guru is one who removes the darkness of Ignorance. Is it not better to be guided by a teacher who has tread the path and who will help remove our ignorance? We are so easily enamored by Marketing Gurus or Management Gurus, yet we are averse to the taking guidance from a Guru who could guide us to Self-Actualization. Why? Spare some time to reflect!

"I will have to give up the material world"

A Self-Realized person gives up nothing except his Pseudo Self or his false identity. Will we not be better able to earn and enjoy our riches in higher levels of Awareness? Spare some time to reflect!

The above list of excuses is not exhaustive. The Mind will invent newer ones at every given opportunity and this process will continue, not only till the end of this life but for lives on end, until you decide that your highest priority is your Creator, your Self. This decision is your choice. And you can make that choice right NOW!



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