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How To be truly happy?

What is it that we want most in Life? At the end of the day, we all want Happiness. But when will we be truly happy?

Like most people, I believed that good physical health and good financial health were enough to make one truly happy - until I met my mentor Dr. Premji Nirmal. Under his guidance, I realized that there are seven key dimensions of life that one needs to be prosperous in and be healthy in to be truly happy. These include the Physical, Financial, Social, Mental, Emotional, Time & Spiritual Dimensions

So how do you go about being successful in all the dimensions? The best practice involves raising your energy and vibrations by developing your Self-Awareness and Understanding. Awareness Development of your Self will help you identify your unwanted negative patterns that lower your vibrations and Understanding will help you release them. This in turn will lead to the raising of your energy and vibrations. In terms of Vibrations – like attracts like. You attract your own vibrations and when you raise your vibrations you will begin to attract abundance.

When I became aware of and released my unwanted patterns, I started experiencing positive tangible changes in all dimensions of my life. At the physical level, unwanted addictions miraculously left me. Financially, I never felt any lack. I began to understand people better and this enhanced my relationships with all. Mentally I was at peace – I had understood the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation. Above all, I understood the very essence and purpose of Life and creation. I had found the Purpose of Life. I had found the essence of True Happiness.

Along the way, I also realized that my true passion is to promote wellbeing in all dimensions of life. As a Wellbeing Mentor and Coach, I now facilitate the “Tune In To Abundance” program, where I share insights on the best practices to attract Abundance. This workshop has created numerous success stories and helped transform lives of the participants in ways big and small.

If you want to boost your wellbeing and success in any dimension of your life, do participate in this program. I will guide you on how you can raise your vibrations and be the best version of yourself.

We are here on planet earth to enjoy Abundance and to be Happy. Abundance is available to all of us. All we need to do is Tune In. Wishing you True Happiness from The Lighthouse.


Rajeev Mehra


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