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is your mind your asset or liability?

The function of our Mind is to think. Think what? Thoughts! But what is thought? A thought is an image of the past or future created in the mind. The key words here are ‘Image’, ‘past’ and ‘future’. With every thought is normally associated an emotion - with positive thoughts we associate positive emotions and with negative thoughts we get embroiled in negative emotions.

Every thought that we think requires us to consume a part of our Life Force Energy (Prana). A negative thought will drain more Energy than a positive thought. The point to note is that every thought, negative or positive or neutral, drains our Energy.

It is said that an average human mind can think up to sixty thousand thoughts per day. And out of these how many would be useful in helping us perform our daily activities in our personal and professional lives? A small fraction indeed! A substantial number of our thoughts are negative and repetitive in nature. Most are nothing but unwanted, non-useful images of the past or future. It is these majorly unwanted thoughts that lead us to feeling drained out at the end of the day. This leads to the Mind being a liability.

With our low energy, our vibrations reduce. And we know that in terms of Vibrations – Like attracts Like. What do we attract when our vibrations are low? We attract more negativity. And this can, many a times, lead to a vicious downward spiral of low energy and vibrations leading to attracting unwanted situations and unhappiness.

So, what is better than negative thoughts? It is positive thoughts. But remember even positive thoughts drain your energy. Then, what is better than positive thoughts? Yes! It is the state of no-thought. And this state of no-thought is what we refer to as Meditation. In this state of no-thought, one is fully aware of the Now - the present moment. There is no thought of the past or the future. It is in this state of Awareness of the present that we prevent the drainage of our Prana, and we rejuvenate ourselves to higher levels of Vibrations. In these higher vibrations, we ready ourselves to receive Grace and Abundance.

It is perfectly okay for the Mind to reflect on the past but only be for the purpose of retrieving useful information to help you implement in the present. It is also okay to create an image of your future to the extent of what are your goals and targets. Beyond that, all energies must be focused on the task on hand with complete Awareness. This leads to the Mind being an asset.

So, how does one get into and sustain this state of Awareness. The key is development of Self-Awareness. Moment to moment awareness of your body, your breath and your thoughts help develop your self-awareness. But even this minimal awareness requires a certain reservoir of Prana.

My search for a simple yet effective method to raise my Prana and to be in the higher levels of Awareness ended when I learnt Kriya Yoga as taught to me by my mentor, Dr. Premji Nirmal. Kriya Yoga is a process and technique that involves balancing of Life Force Energy through a set breathing pattern (49 Healing Breath Nirmal Kriya) followed by the silencing of the Mind through increasing the levels of Awareness (Six-Step Nirmal Dhyan). Besides quieting the Mind and balancing the Energy, other key benefits of Kriya Yoga include increased vitality, an enhanced immune system, healing at the cellular level, a reduction of one’s Karmic load and a realization of one’s True Potential.

Kriya Yoga has truly transformed me - from living a life in unawareness to Conscious Living. I am now passionately promoting Dr. Premji Nirmal’s online Kriya Yoga Program and encouraging all those who wish to Master their Mind and raise their vibrations to enroll for this program.

For more details and to enroll, click on the Kriya Yoga button link below.

Best wishes

Rajeev Mehra


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